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Haitian International 2015: Excellent results amid tough business environment

Stable sales and record profits amid tough business environment + + + Company reaches RMB 7.34 billion turnover with 26,000 delivered machines +++ Increased sales for electrical and two-platen-solutions + + + Sustainable growth with new manufacturing sites and application centers

Haitian International, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic injection molding machines, has announced its financial results for fiscal year 2015. Based on the proven strategy “Communication for trust, Innovation for technology to the point, efficiency for sustainable growth and profitability” the Haitian Group delivered around 26,000 machines and recorded a turnover of RMB 7.34 billion (approx. EUR 1.04 billion), which represents a slight decrease of 3.0% compared to the previous year but still an outstanding position in the entire plastics industry. The net profit attributable to equity holders increased by 0.1% to RMB 1.33 billion (approx. EUR 188.5 million) compared with that of 2014.

Despite the ongoing difficult operating environment, the Group’s domestic sales (China) recorded only a mild drop of 4.0% to RMB 4,869.2 million (approx. EUR 688.7 million). In the export markets, Haitian International launched innovative products, strengthened its sales network and enhanced pre-sales and after-sales services. In some regions such as Vietnam, Korea, India, Europe and Mexico, the Group recorded impressive sales growth. The export sales amounted to RMB 2,292 million (approx. EUR 324.19 million), representing a mild drop of 1.6% compared to 2014 and the second highest export ever. Gross profit margin increased to 33.0% from 32.4% in 2014 and the operating profit increased by 4.0% to RMB 1,545 million (approx. EUR 218.53 million).

To cope with the challenges in the market during the year, Haitian International continued its business development strategy of converting small tonnage hydraulic machines to electric solutions and large tonnage machines to two-platen solutions, thus making remarkable progress in raising the proportion of innovative products in the sales mix. The sales of the all-electric Zhafir Venus Series increased by 29.5% to RMB 675.7 million (approx. EUR 95.57 million) and reached more than 1600 orders, which is an increase of 46.2% compared to 2014. Sales of the large two-platen Haitian Jupiter Series reached nearly 500 units and rose by 39.8% to RMB 741.3 million (approx. EUR 104.85 million) compared to 2014. The proportion of Zhafir electric machine sales in small tonnages increased from 11.1% to 14.8% and the sales of two-platen machines in medium-sized and large tonnages rose from 19.5% to 28.5%. The Mars Series remained the best-seller and accounted for nearly 70% of total sales.

Upgrades with “Plus”

Looking ahead, Mr. Zhang Jianming, Executive Director and CEO of Haitian International, said, “Over the past five decades, we faced different up’s and down’s and structural changes to the Chinese economy. We will continue to navigate through the existing environment and capture business opportunities again so as to grow stronger. We will launch a significant upgrade of our electrical and two-platen series which comprises second-generation models of all the product lines. This will enable us to improve customer benefits and expand our market share.”

International Expansion

Production efficiency and sustainable growth are key factors for Haitian International in the process of participating in the global plastics industry. Through the consistent expansion of production capacities and services in various markets, the customer support on-site should be optimized and enhanced. Showrooms and application centers for mold tests are in as much focus as faster customization of stock machines and increased availability of spare parts. In this context, in 2015, new production plants in Germany and India have been built and will be put into operation in 2016. Moreover, the existing sites in Brazil, Vietnam and Turkey have been expanded with application centers. New Technical Centers have been opened in Indonesia, Mexico and Thailand, complete with application centers as a performance focus.