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Haitian International presents “Technology to the Point”

Chinaplas 2016, booth E2J01: Haitian and Zhafir show off “Technology to the Point” +++ premiere of Haitian two color machine Series “Iapetus” with two-platen-technology

Haitian International, the largest injection molding machine manufacturer in the world in terms of units, is staying true to its principles: to deliver “Technology to the Point” with efficient standard machines that do an excellent job of fulfilling the core functions of modern injection molding technology.

Electrical solutions from 400 to 10800 kN

With the electrical solutions of high tech brand Zhafir Plastics Machinery, Haitian International underlines once more the consistency of its market focus with demand-driven technology to the point. In 2015 the Zhafir Series increased by 29.5% and reached more than 1700 orders, which is an increase of 46.2% compared to 2014. A VE1200II/300 runs a flexible cable tray base with 9.85 g part weight in 4 cavities made by ABS. Supported by Haitian Drive (automation), Kawata (auxiliary equipment) and Boshiyuan (mold monitoring).

The Zeres Series offers all the advantages of electric injection molding technology: precision, energy efficiency, independent parallel movement throughout the whole cycle, and, not least, easy maintenance. Servo electric drives for injection, dosing, and mold movement ensure a high level of dynamics. In addition, an integrated servo-hydraulic unit for minor movements the Zeres for applications with core pulls or standard precision parts. On Chinaplas a ZE1200/300 runs with a 2.5g connecting piece and is further assembled with the flexible cable tray base (produced on the Venus) through automation, made by PA66+GF13 on an 8-cavity mold in 15 sec. Supported by an Haitian Drive Robot and auxiliary equipment from Kawata.

Two-color injection molding on a two-platen solution

The Haitian IA II Series with parallel injection unit system is based on the successful two-platen Series “Jupiter II”. The turntable system provides fast and smooth rotation and easy usage. The reliable locking system is guided and locked during mold open/close movements to ensure a high parallelism with the platen. A IA7500II/n-j runs a mold with 104 keys with 138g part weight made by ABS/PA in 45 sec. Supported by Haitian Drive (automation) and Shini (auxiliary equipment).

The bestseller Mars II Series as “high performance” version

The “h” version of the bestseller Mars Series – already installed more than 150.000 units so far – is one part of a production cell, which produces a 4-cavity ice cream cup with IML, made by PP and a cycle time of 4 sec. Supported by GH (automation), Huare (auxiliary equipment), Borough (material) and Laiyin Mold.