Haitian MA 5 Series


Energy-saving, efficient, intelligent Relying on the fifth generation technology and inheriting the excellent genes of the world’s best-selling servo hydraulic energy-saving injection molding technology, MA5 was launched. The full range of performance breakthroughs and advancements, from injection to plastification and mold clamping structures, are optimized and improved in every aspect. The hardware configuration continues to evolve and bring new appearance upgrades, setting industry benchmarks 

for performance and quality, and easily coping with future technical challenges. At the same time, it is equipped with multiple smart technologies, which can fully meet customers’ personalized and flexible production requirements while improving efficiency. The newly upgraded electric charging device, combined with the latest energy-saving technology and information technology, makes the injection molding process more energy-saving and efficient, creating a new intelligent injection molding ecology.

Technology to the Point

World’s best-selling injection molding machine
Interactive with open integration
Smart features “by Haitian” as standard
New high-drive energy saving servo system “ by Haitian”


Electric pre-molding with higher energy saving rate


Automobile industry

  • The automotive sector is versatile and the industry is growing rapidly. Our approach: cost-efficient system solutions for flexible and fully automated smart production lines

Appliance industry

  • The consumer goods market is the mass market for plastic products par excellence and is more competitive than any other. Standard applications in production – albeit with sometimes high quality requirements.

Consumer electronics industry

  • Our everyday life is rich in technical systems such as cell phones, tablets, computers or memory cards and connectors. New slim designs, new surfaces and innovative functions and short product cycles requires competitive solutions.

Logistics industry

  • The large dimensions and volumes of the parts quickly shift the focus to material consumption and processing. This requires well thought-out, cost efficient manufacturing solutions if you want to survive in the face of tough competition.





Haitian MA 5 Series