Haitian JU 5 Series


JU5 is equipped with flexible open integration functions, and the entire series is equipped with “Go Factory 2.0” digital intelligent management software, which can best meet customers’ one-stop demands for automated and digitally intelligent production.

In addition, it can be compatible with the latest international general interfaces according to needs. Customers can freely choose automation integration equipment and MES partners to realize interactive connections between multi-device and multi-platform systems with injection molding machines as the core, and enjoy open integration.

Technology to the Point

Large mold space
Comprehensive upgrade of plasticizing equipment
Equipped with electric pre-molding
Accurate temperature monitoring


Electrical charging with higher energy saving rate


Automobile industry

  • Plastic parts products in the automobile manufacturing industry are suitable for various process technologies and application requirements, providing efficient and high-quality solutions.

Appliance industry

  • Plastic products in large household appliances provide flexible, efficient and stable solutions based on product characteristics.

Logistics industry

  • Plastic products with heavy mass and large projected area require large clamping force and large internal distance between tie rods; short mold transfer strokes provide efficient solutions.

Ultra large parts

  • The large dimensions and volumes of the parts quickly shift the focus to material consumption and processing. This requires well thought-out, efficient manufacturing solutions if you want to survive in the face of tough competition.





Haitian JU 5 Series