On May 6th, NPE 2024, the Plastics Show, kicked off as scheduled at the Orlando Convention Center in Florida. Haitian International made a significant impact with the debut of our new fifth-generation technology at booth W943, showcasing our innovative capabilities.

Join us as we “cross oceans” to bring you live coverage from the event, diving into the day’s highlights and discussing new technologies, trends, and opportunities in the global plastics industry.

On the first day, Haitian International’s booth was bustling with activity. The first collective appearance of our new fifth-generation product matrix on the international market drew widespread attention, with many visitors stopping by to explore.

On-site, our smart, flexible, and sustainable specialized solutions attracted numerous customers and partners for enthusiastic consultations and discussions, offering new perspectives for efficient production for our international clients.

During the exhibition, Haitian International focused on consumer goods, automotive, and medical industries, presenting four core solutions—Haitian MA2800V/1350 energy-efficient consumer products industry solution, Haitian JU7500V/3450 space-saving automotive industry solution, Zhafir VE1200V-210hs clean precision medical industry solution, and Zhafir ZE1900V-300h flexible efficient medical industry solution. These innovative solutions stood out, bringing a feast of technology that’s second to none and fully powering up the “5”.

The four showcased core solutions, emphasizing energy conservation and efficiency, leverage multiple energy-saving technologies and high-precision controls to achieve energy savings of 20-40%. They also significantly reduce the machine’s footprint and cycle times, paving a new path for green manufacturing.

Moreover, the solutions extensively incorporate smart functions and hardware innovations, enriching the intelligent capabilities to digitally upgrade production processes, enhancing precision and stability in production, and enabling efficient, flexible integration across multiple systems.

These four solutions are all “Greenness + HT Xtend” showcasing the pinnacle of China’s injection molding technology, sparking an innovative wave of “technology going global”.

NPE 2024, the Plastics Show, will continue until May 10th. We look forward to your visit at booth W943 to join us at this international industry event and embark on the path of innovation with our fifth-generation technology!