On May 10th, the NPE 2024 Exhibition, held for the first time in six years, successfully concluded. As the largest plastics industry show in the Americas, it drew participants from over 110 countries and included more than 2000 exhibitors, filling over 100,000 square meters of exhibition space. The event witnessed a notable increase in professional visitors, providing an ideal platform for showcasing the latest advancements in the plastics industry and fostering meaningful discussions.

Throughout the five-day event, Haitian International made a significant impact with collective unveiling of its fifth-generation product lineup. Focusing on applications in the automotive, consumer goods, and medical sectors, Haitian International offered smart, flexible, and sustainable injection molding solutions into the global plastics industry.

Zhafir Electric Solutions

Flexible & Efficient Solutions for Medical Parts

On-site, Zhafir Plastics Machinery displayed a range of specialized solutions designed to meet the diversified requirements of the medical industry.

Notably, the all-electric VE1200V-210hs with the medical package, is designed for cleanroom production standards in the medical sector. Featuring a unique medical color scheme, anti-static paint, and a suspended tie-bar design etc., it meets international standards by offering enhanced resistance to dust and oil pollution and operating with reduced noise levels.

The live demonstration featured a 4-cavity medical syringe barrel production using Tritan copolyester, with product weight of 3.2g and an impressively quick cycle time of just 18 seconds.

Additionally, the electric ZE1900V-300h machine with hydraulic integration offers a flexible and efficient alternative for the medical industry. Utilizing stack mold technology, the solution enhances productivity per area. In parallel, Zhafir’s precise control and molding technologies also support to meet with the strict dimensions and accuracy requirements for medical parts manufacturing.

The live demonstration integrates an 8×8 cavity stack mold, showcasing the medical IV filters production. The products, made from AS material, with part weight of 1.5g and 2.2g  respectively, are produced with a cycle time of 18 seconds.

For both medical applications, Zhafir offers production management & information for traceability of production data and quality of medical products.

Haitian Hydraulic Solutions

Benchmark for Energy-saving, Smart and Efficient Injection Molding

Haitian Plastics Machinery showcased its new MA and JU series featuring fifth-generation technology, offering energy-efficient, intelligent, and high-performance solutions for the consumer goods and automotive industries. With outstanding value and performance that exceeded expectations, the new solutions received widespread acclaim and recognition in the local market.

The new Haitian MA2800V/1350 servo-hydraulic injection molding machine demonstrated the production of a single cavity consumer storage container using polypropylene, with a cycle time of 50 seconds. This innovative solution was developed after extensive upgrades to meet market demands for energy efficiency and intelligent performance in injection molding equipment. Its enhanced features cater perfectly to the consumer goods industry, providing energy-efficient and high-performance manufacturing solutions.

The Haitian JU7500V/3450 was another highlight, producing 2-cavity automotive outer panels from PC+ABS blends, with a cycle time of 60-second. This compact solution incorporates advanced energy-saving technology to significantly reduce energy consumption while achieving a dry cycle time at an internationally advanced level. By providing a high-efficiency, energy-saving, and space-efficient solution, it offers the automotive industry more opportunities for cost reduction and efficiency improvements.

Deepening Overseas Markets, Staying Close to Global Customers

NPE is the largest plastics trade show in the Americas and a highly influential event for the global plastics industry. At this year’s exhibition, Haitian International showcased not only its innovative technological advancements and cutting-edge applications, but also demonstrated its commitment to serving overseas markets with high-quality, high-value products and services.

In recent years, Haitian International has continuously increased its investment in the Americas. With the official opening of the new factory in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2023, Haitian International established new production capabilities to serve the entire American market. Through its manufacturing center in Mexico, application experience centers in South Carolina, USA, and São Paulo, Brazil, and a comprehensive network of sales and service partners across the region, Haitian provides American customers with prompt product delivery, extensive application support, seamless service experiences, and comprehensive after-sales support.

Moving forward, Haitian will continue deepening its global market presence with practical and effective measures to genuinely connect with customers worldwide. By enhancing high-quality local production and delivery capabilities and providing efficient and convenient services, Haitian aims to be a trusted partner to global customers, exploring more possibilities for a high quality and sustainable development of the plastics processing industry.