Recently, H.T Korea held a grand 20th-anniversary celebration at its Jecheon Research Institute & Factory, marking the perfect completion of its expansion project and the commencement of its factory open house. This milestone not only honors the company’s two decades of deep cultivation in the South Korean market but also sets the stage for its future development blueprint.

During the celebration, Mr. LEE INPYO, General Manager of H.T Korea, stated in his speech: “Since our establishment in 2004, continuous support and technological innovation from Haitian International have driven our steady growth, earning us wide recognition in the local market. Moving forward, H.T Korea will continue to embrace technological innovation, focus on customer needs, continuously improve service quality, and further consolidate and expand our leading position in the South Korean market.”

​The event showcased the debut of the new fifth-generation technology, drawing the attention of all attendees. Its features of intelligent innovation, energy efficiency, and performance upgrades not only demonstrated Haitian International’s cutting-edge technology in the injection molding field but also highlighted its keen insight and foresight in injection molding trends. The audience was deeply impressed by Haitian’s commitment to technological innovation.

Since its establishment in 1966, Haitian has always been at the forefront of industry innovation, continuously integrating advanced technologies and transforming them into breakthrough solutions based on market needs. This commitment has enabled Haitian to provide excellent products and services to global customers. Today, supported by an extensive sales and service network, Haitian International’s global influence is expanding in multiple countries and regions. This is not only a solid foundation of Haitian’s globalization strategy but also a powerful testament to our commitment to customers. Regardless of location, Haitian International ensures that customers receive unparalleled products and services, providing convenient, efficient localized support and exceptional solutions. We are devoted to meeting diverse customer needs, facilitating their continuous growth, exploring market opportunities together, overcoming challenges, and sharing success.

This 20th-anniversary celebration is not just a reflection on the past but a vision for the future. As we stand at this new milestone, Haitian International and H.T Korea will continue to deepen cooperation. With advanced technology and practical actions, we are committed to providing high-quality products and services to our local customers, creating a brilliant future together.