Solution for Technology and Performance Enhancement: About the Successful Cooperation between Haitian and Dongfeng Nissan.

Dongfeng Nissan is a joint venture between Japanese automaker Nissan and China’s Dongfeng Motor Corporation, a leading group in the construction of trucks, buses and passenger cars, as well as in the manufacture of engines and automotive components. With annual sales figures of more than 1 million vehicles, Dongfeng Nissan is a major player in the automotive industry in the People’s Republic of China.

Since Haitian began intensive cooperation with this manufacturer in 2009, ten automatic production cells with injection molding machines of 33,000 kN clamping force each have already been installed at the Guangzhou, Xiangyang, Zhenzhou and Wuhan plants. The latest plant in Wuhan-Yunfeng plays a prominent role and poses great challenges to its business partners due to the highest standards and strictest specifications at Dongfeng Nissan.

Turnkey solution for the highest demands

To ensure smooth operations from the very be- ginning, Haitian established a special team specifically for the Yunfeng project, consisting of senior executives from the application, engineering, manufacturing, customer service, marketing and other departments. In joint efforts, they overcame all challenges and accomplished their task even in the most severe pandemic phase. Despite many difficulties, the project goal was achieved on time.

This unwavering commitment with the goal of successful delivery was highly recognized by Dongfeng Nissan. During the final summary and appreciation conference of the Wuhan-Yunfeng project in August 2022, Haitian was awarded the “Excellent Project Manager” and “Excellent Supplier” awards.

Haitian will continue to cooperate and develop with Dongfeng Nissan in a targeted manner in the future. Last but not least, to seize the strategic opportunity to accompany and promote the development of the domestic automotive industry through high-quality solutions with more precise machines, faster cycles and higher energy efficiency.

With the development from a means of transport to a symbol of prestige and status, the requirements in automotive engineering have changed fundamentally. Not only have the number and size of components increased, but more and more functionalities are calling for increasingly complex geometries, more material combinations, and more demanding properties. Energy efficiency benefits (or lightweight construction) and even greater driving pleasure are particularly high on the agenda.

Consequently, the quality and performance requirements for plastic injection molding have also increased significantly. Haitian has implemented a comprehensive customer solution for Dong- feng-Nissan: A Turnkey Solution that leads to technology and performance enhancement and serves the market needs to the point.